The Oasis Project



The OASIS project marks another step forward in the regeneration of Omagh town, improving access to the River Strule and maximising the recreational potential of this natural amenity. It includes the development of a pedestrian and cycle path along the river bank between Bells Bridge and the Strule Bridge, the installation of a pedestrian/cycle bridge to create a link into the town centre, and the creation of a recreation and meeting space above Drumragh Car Park.

The pathway will link in to the Riverside Walk and Cycle Path at Bridge Street, improving pedestrian and cycle access around the town, while the bridge across the river from the Drumragh Avenue car park into Old Market Place will provide a quick and easy access into the Omagh town centre

The project also includes the creation of a new and exciting Public Space where large numbers of people can socially interact through work and recreation. Plans are for the development of a plaza type area, raised above the existing car park, where people can meet, browse market stalls, watch children play and relax in a modern vibrant environment.

The OASIS project will complement Omagh District Council¹s wider initiatives and recently completed and ongoing regeneration projects. These include Strule Arts Centre, Omagh Town Environmental Improvement Scheme and the Riverside Walk and Cycle Path which is currently being developed on a phased basis and is scheduled for completion early next year. All of these projects have cross community support from all sectors in the town.

Key stakeholders